02 March 2021

CAYMON provides vaccination center with network.

The CAYMON team is proud to say that they too have done their bit to alleviate this Corona crisis. The vaccination centers in Belgium were brought up to standard at the beginning of February. For this application in Belgium, 3 x CASY001 19" chassis, which fit up to 12 models and are fully customisable, were installed at this location. Thanks to its flexible and modular structure the CASY001 19” chassis guarantees maximum versatility to any preference, which allows the system to be used in this very specific project conditions.

The custom options range from audio-, video-, and data-interconnection to power distribution, internal rack equipment and much more. All of these solutions are developed to be solderless and modular. These aspects ensure that the cabling is easily transferable and that the rack retains its aesthetic look.

In the specific project of the vaccination center, the 3 CASY001 19 "chassis were filled with 20 x CASY168 CASY 1 space 2 EtherCON to RJ-45. This makes it possible to provide the entire vaccination center with a stable network connection.

We would like to thank our certified partner, SOVILUX, for the provision and installation of this application.

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