17 October 2018

When to choose open frame racks or closed cabinets

The pro’s and con’s of both rack types.

Deciding which rack to use for mounting audio & IT hardware can sometimes be a hassle, you have several options to choose from but the two most common rack types are open frame racks and closed cabinets. There is no exclusive answer to which of the 2 is the best but we would be glad to give you the pro’s and con’s of both rack types.  

Closed cabinets


  • A closed cabinet helps to keep the dust away. It also helps to protect the server from rubble, water or other particles.
  • Security, closed cabinets can be locked to better secure your equipment and data. 
  • Flexible cooling which allows more active and passive airflow control. 
  • Time, all our closed cabinets are delivered fully assembled. This means you don't lose any time assembling the cabinet itself.


  • Restricted access, because the cabinet is closed & sometimes even locked you may have some problems if you need to access it urgently.
  • Shape & weight, a closed cabinet takes up a little more space and weighs considerably more.  

Open frame rack


  • Fast access to the equipment and the unobstructed airflow are some of the great advantages for choosing open frame racks. 
  • Affordable, if you’re looking to mount large quantities of equipment, choosing for open frame racks can generate huge savings for businesses. 
  • Easy to build & transport, open-frame racks are packed very compactly and can also be assembled in 5 minutes. 


  • Dust formation, open frame racks are fully open so the equipment mounted inside can collect dust and other particles which can slow down or even damage your system. 
  • Lack of security, because they are open, they can be accessed by everyone who can enter the room it’s located. 

So as you see each type of rack has its pros and cons so it’s up to you to decide which is the best for your application and situation. 

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