CASY chassis

The series consists out of an entire range of different base frames which allow an extensive range of optional modules to be installed. Resulting in a plug-and-play solderless system offering flexible solutions in terms of connectivity, power distribution, internal rack supplies and many more. The CASY system is built-up around a main-chassis, available in several standard sizes, mountings and depths.

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19" Chassis

The 19” model allows assembly in rack enclosures and can accommodate a total of 12 modules.

Table chassis

This series consists of a built-in and a surface mount variant. The surface mount desktop chassis is slightly elevated and has a tilted angle for a clear view of all the implemented connections that could come in handy in a studio or broadcast environment. For a smooth and hidden look into any meeting room table the built-in flip out desktop chassis can contain a custom arrangement of connections that are hidden from the eye until you need them. With its sleek and simple design that can fit unnoticeably in any office desk or meeting room table this table mount is fitted with a patented BlindSnap™ system that allows both placement and fixing of the mount from the top side.

On-Wall chassis

With these stunningly designed on-wall chassis, the otherwise rather dull looking connections can merge into any environment. The chassis consist of a structured black powder coated aluminum housing and rounded ABS sides.

Stage box

The CASY series consists out of modules fitted with solderless audio, video and power connectors that can be installed into a base unit. The only thing that was missing was a base unit that could withstand the use and abuse of stage and road. For this reason, the designers at CAYMON developed a structured black powder coated aluminium housing with steel side ears and a long cable gland for cable protection for use on stage.

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