Rack accessories

Everything you need to finish a rack installation. From connection plates, blind plates, shelves, drawers to power distribution solutions, cage nuts & bolts and cable organizers. These items are key to fully complete your custom builds.

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Blind panels

A simple tool that will provide a professional finish to any rack installation. Fill in the empty space of a 19” rack with these blind panels that are available in a variety of heights from 0,33 units up to 6 units.

Ventilated blind panels

Create some space between heat producing 19” equipment for some extra cooling and finish your rack installation with these ventilated blind panels. Ranging from 1 to 4 units in height.

Connection panels

Provide your rack installation with a custom configurated connection setup. These 19” blind panels are perforated with a variating number of punched holes to equip various connectors or CASY modules. Included tension reliefs will make sure that the cable contact at the connectors remains free of any stress for a long lasting application.

Power distribution

Professionally mount power bars in 19 inch racks with these power distribution series. A selection can be made between German, French and IEC power sockets. Some power distributors are even equipped with power surge & spike protection.

Special blind panels

Provide your custom rack setup with some extra features like a security grill that prevents anyone from tampering with your installed 19” equipment while maintaining optimal air flow. Another possibility is to equip your custom rack with a service door or blind panel with brush that will conceal any frequently needed cables or handy tools.

Perforated grill doors

Perforated steel grill doors, which can be used to replace the standard included tempered glass doors for SPR series 19” rack cabinets. The mesh perforation with hexagonal pattern provides an optimal air flow through the cabinet. The swing handle with cilinder lock safely locks the equipment inside.

Cage nuts & bolts

One of the most important parts in a rack built are the cage nuts and bolts. These are used to fasten 19” equipment to the punched square holes on the side rails of a 19 inch rack.

Cable organizers

Keep a clean and beautiful overview and organize small and large cable bundles on any device or patch panel. These cable organizers offer you access in both directions and are made using high quality materials.

Rack accessories

Helpful tools for completing a rack installation. These tools will give the rack-built a professional look and create additional benefits to the whole. Whether you’re looking for a solution for hooking of accessories or a compact light source for a clear overview, you will be able to find them in the rack accessories section.

19" Shelves

These 19” shelves are equipped with 19” mounting ears for placement in standard racks. The special cutout structure allows an easy and effective rack assembly for any device that doesn’t have the standard 19” form factor. The shelves are also provided with multiple cable tie slots on the top for proper cable management


A very easy and compact way to place any device that is not equipped with standard 19’” mounting ears. These L-rails provides extra support when mounting heavy equipment and the mounting distance can be easily adjusted to your needs.

Fixed shelves

Specially designed for the WPR and SPR racks, these fixed shelves provide the firmest fixation for the heaviest non-19” equipment. The plate is provided with multiple punched out holes for fasting the placed equipment.

Rack drawers

Keep your cables, tools, screws, and manuals close at hand with these 19-inch-wide rack drawers that are designed for demanding environments including broadcasts, live applications, and multi-zone audio systems. The drawers feature glides that provide a smooth and quiet operation and it extends to permit easy access for those hard-to-reach items.

Lockable rack drawers

Securely lock away valuable tools, gear, and accessories in 19-inch racks with these lockable rack drawers. Ideal for any data center or multi-room audio systems, these drawers will fit in all 19-inch server racks.

Sliding shelves

Ideal to store equipment which doesn’t contain standard 19” mounting fixtures, these 19” sliding shelves are equipped with glides that provide a smooth and quiet operation. The special cutout structure allows easy and effective rack assembly for any device that doesn’t have the standard 19” form factor.

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