Stands & mounts

Whether you want to safely store an instrument when not used or you need a stand for your microphones and speakers, our stands & mounts range provides a large array of solutions to place and mount audio, video and multimedia equipment.

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Microphone stands

A stage technician and musician’s friend. The most important piece of equipment to ensure that your expensive microphone stays firmly where you want it to be. For use in studio or on stage, a large selection of microphone stands is available for vocal and instrument mic’s.

Speaker stands and mounts

For an optimal sound experience, the placement of a speaker plays a very important role. In situations where you need to place a mobile sound installation or position your studio monitors at the desired spot, these stands will help providing the most ideal height with reliable safety features.

Stand accessories

These accessories consist of handy screw adapters for microphones and useful tools for stands.

Rigging systems

Eye bolts, flyhooks, U-fixers and steel cables for a firm and reliable fixation of audio speaker systems.

Instrument stands

Keyboard stands

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