Rack panels

These panels provide a professional finish to the rack installation. Connections can be provided in a uniform way thanks to nicely divided D-Size holes, with or without a tension relief. If needed, extra cooling can be provided for your 19” equipment with ventilated blind panels.

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Blind panels

A simple tool that will provide a professional finish to any rack installation. Fill in the empty space of a 19” rack with these blind panels that are available in a variety of heights from 0,33 units up to 6 units.

Ventilated blind panels

Create some space between heat producing 19” equipment for some extra cooling and finish your rack installation with these ventilated blind panels. Ranging from 1 to 4 units in height.

Connection panels

Provide your rack installation with a custom configurated connection setup. These 19” blind panels are perforated with a variating number of punched holes to equip various connectors or CASY modules. Included tension reliefs will make sure that the cable contact at the connectors remains free of any stress for a long lasting application.

Special blind panels

Provide your custom rack setup with some extra features like a security grill that prevents anyone from tampering with your installed 19” equipment while maintaining optimal air flow. Another possibility is to equip your custom rack with a service door or blind panel with brush that will conceal any frequently needed cables or handy tools.

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