Rack shelves

Easily place non-19” equipment in our racks with this wide array of shelf solutions. These fixed shelves and L-brackets provide multiple ways for fasting the placed equipment.

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19" Shelves

These 19” shelves are equipped with 19” mounting ears for placement in standard racks. The special cutout structure allows an easy and effective rack assembly for any device that doesn’t have the standard 19” form factor. The shelves are also provided with multiple cable tie slots on the top for proper cable management


A very easy and compact way to place any device that is not equipped with standard 19’” mounting ears. These L-rails provides extra support when mounting heavy equipment and the mounting distance can be easily adjusted to your needs.

Fixed shelves

Specially designed for the WPR and SPR racks, these fixed shelves provide the firmest fixation for the heaviest non-19” equipment. The plate is provided with multiple punched out holes for fasting the placed equipment.

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