19" combo flightcase - 18HE front + 11HE top

The FCC116 is a combo flightcase with removable top and front cover, compliant to the ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards for 19” equipment installation. The construction is made out of high quality 9mm plywood covered by a ProShield™ top layer, offering optimal protection for your equipment. The top section allows installation of 19” mixers or controllers with a maximum height up to 11 units, slanted over an 8 degree angle. The front section allows equipment installation up to maximum 18 units, depending of the top equipment’s installation depth. A hinged rear door with cable entry offers easy access to the equipment’s rear side. Mounting of the equipment can be done using the perforated rack rail with punched square holes for use with snap-in cage nuts. Superior durability and handling convenience is guaranteed through Penn-Elcom® hardware such as heavy-duty ball corners, rivet protected recessed flip handles and MOL™ type butterfly latches.

Product features
Dimensions 547 x 940 x 627 mm (W x H x D) (incl. covers, excl. feet)
Construction 9 mm high-quality plywood
Finish ProShield™ top layer
Handles 4 x Medium heavy-duty (H7154Z)
Latches 6 x Medium MOL™ (L907/928/10)
1 x Small (L903/7336Z - rear door)
Weight 30.50 kg
Unit height Front 18 HE
Top 11 HE
Max. usable depth Front 525 mm
Top Depending of installed equipment


  • Punched square holes for use with snap-in cage nuts
  • Protects & transports up to 18 units of 19” equipment
  • Detachable front & rear cover
  • ProShield™ Heavy duty top layer
  • High quality 9 mm plywood
  • Hardware by Penn Elcom
  • Slanted space for 19" mixer / controller up to 11 units
  • Rear door with cable entry for easy access & connection


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Caymon’s flighcases are fabricated from high quality plywood panels and use a ProShield™ heavy duty top layer that offer an optimal protection. The Hexagon pattern of this top layer grants a anti slip surface while keeping it easy to clean. Build from components that are resistant to most commonly used chemicals, the ProShield™ layer will provide a weather a waterproof protection for your valuable equipment. 

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