BSFxxA Series

19" Aluminum blind panels

An elegant 19” blind plate made of aluminum with a plate thickness of 1.5 mm and provided with a black (RAL9004) structured powder coating. The blind plate is used to fill in gaps between equipment. The choice of aluminum for these blind plates have a couple of advantages compared to their steel counterparts. Aluminum is much lighter than steel only adds a little of extra weight to a 19” rack configuration. These blind plates are ideal to quickly modify and add custom cut-out holes due to its softer material. 

Product features
Dimensions 19.016 x 1.72 x 0.39 " (W x H x D) (BSF01A)
19.016 x 3.47 x 0.39 " (W x H x D) (BSF02A)
Weight 0.22 lb (BSF01A)
0.40 lb (BSF02A)
Unit height 1 HE (BSF01A)
2 HE (BSF02A)


  • BSF01A - 1 unit
  • BSF02A - 2 units


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